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Reverse Proxy Mastery: Deploying a Full-Stack Application with Multi-Container Docker and Nginx

Reading Time: 6 minutes Sometimes, developing a full-stack application is not the end of the journey for a web developer. Let us take a case scenario whereby, you have a backend, a frontend, and also a database. For such a setup, we would like to make it easy to replicate our application in different environments let’s say development, staging, […]

Deploying a Rust Rocket REST API on AWS EC2 with Docker and GitHub Actions

Reading Time: 5 minutes When Rust compiles code, you get an executable if you created the application using the –bin command. In this blog, we shall look at how we can create a Dockerfile to create an image with this executable. We shall then deploy this image on EC2 using GitHub Actions which will be set on our repository […]

Create a No-code GraphQL Server Using Hasura and PostgreSQL

Reading Time: 7 minutes To handle CRUD, authorization, and business logic, backend developers frequently need to write several lines of code. All of this code must be tested, debugged, and maintained for the duration of the project. This consumes a significant amount of time that developers could be used to create new features. This blog will demonstrate to you […]

How to install and run Docker Container on Amazon EC2 Instance (Part 1)?

Reading Time: 7 minutes The fast rise in interest and use of container-based solutions has necessitated the development of industry standards for container technology and the packaging of software code. Docker is currently one of the most well-known and widely utilized container engines on the market. Docker was launched in 2013 by a company called Dotcloud, Inc which was […]

How to install and run Docker Containers on Amazon EC2 Instance?

Reading Time: 5 minutes While running Docker on AWS, developers and admins can build, ship, and run highly reliable distributed applications at any scale.  In this blog, we will demonstrate how to install, build and run docker containers on Amazon EC2 instances. Refer to Part 1 of the blog here: How To Install And Run Docker Container On Amazon EC2 […]

How to train a Deep Learning model with AWS Deep Learning Containers on Amazon EC2?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Data scientists, machine learning engineers, and practitioners must devote significant time and resources to developing, testing, updating, and optimizing Docker images for deep learning. Instead of concentrating on developing and enhancing models, practitioners are forced to divert valuable resources to unrelated tasks. Installing packages, resolving compatibility concerns, performance optimization, and integrating and testing with Amazon […]

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