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Use SurrealDB to Persist Data with Rocket REST API

Reading Time: 8 minutes Databases are essential in web development for organizing data in various forms and shapes (both structured and unstructured). Their ultimate goal is for the stored data to be easily retrievable, updated, queried, and generally administered via a graphical user interface (GUI), dashboard, or even command line interface (CLI). We can use database management systems to […]

How to connect to MongoDB using Mongoose and MongoDB Atlas in Node.js?

Reading Time: 10 minutes MongoDB is one of the most popular No-SQL databases in the developer community today. Instead of SQL objects, No-SQL databases allow developers to send and retrieve data as JSON documents. In this blog, we will demonstrate how to connect to MongoDB using Mongoose and MongoDB Atlas in Node.js. Let’s get started! In this blog, we […]

How to perform an Amazon Aurora Database deployment that replicates data and spans across multiple AWS regions?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Amazon Web Services provides us with the flexibility of managing the data in the databases with ease. The flexibility is thus provided by an AWS Service called Amazon Aurora. An Amazon Aurora cluster contains one or more DB instances and a cluster volume that helps us manage the data for those DB instances. A cluster […]

How to store, query, and index JSON data using AWS DocumentDB?

Reading Time: 11 minutes NoSQL databases are a great choice for many modern applications such as mobile, web, and gaming that require flexible, scalable, high-performance, and highly functional databases to provide great user experiences. In this blog, we will discuss AWS DocumentDB followed by the implementation to connect to the Amazon DocumentDB cluster from the AWS Cloud9 environment with […]

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