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Create a No-code GraphQL Server Using Hasura and PostgreSQL

Reading Time: 7 minutes To handle CRUD, authorization, and business logic, backend developers frequently need to write several lines of code. All of this code must be tested, debugged, and maintained for the duration of the project. This consumes a significant amount of time that developers could be used to create new features. This blog will demonstrate to you […]

Use SurrealDB to Persist Data with Rocket REST API

Reading Time: 8 minutes Databases are essential in web development for organizing data in various forms and shapes (both structured and unstructured). Their ultimate goal is for the stored data to be easily retrievable, updated, queried, and generally administered via a graphical user interface (GUI), dashboard, or even command line interface (CLI). We can use database management systems to […]

How to Create a REST API with Rust Rocket Framework and Diesel Middleware with PostgreSQL Database?

Reading Time: 8 minutes For many years, C and C++ have been the main low-level programming languages. C and C++ require manual deallocation of memory to prevent memory leaks which are the major cause of security breaches in Software. Rust comes in to offer memory safety and at the same time speed of execution that matches that of C. […]

How to migrate RDS MySQL database to RDS PostgreSQL database using AWS Database Migration Service(DMS)?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Do you want to migrate data from one type of DB engine (MySQL) to another type of DB engine(PostgreSQL) with little or no downtime? In today’s fast-paced environment, application, and database availability must be considered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some of your applications may be unable to tolerate substantial downtime while […]

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