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Use SurrealDB to Persist Data with Rocket REST API

Reading Time: 8 minutes Databases are essential in web development for organizing data in various forms and shapes (both structured and unstructured). Their ultimate goal is for the stored data to be easily retrievable, updated, queried, and generally administered via a graphical user interface (GUI), dashboard, or even command line interface (CLI). We can use database management systems to […]

How to detect operational issues in Lambda Function automatically with Amazon DevOps Guru for Serverless?

Reading Time: 8 minutes Hands-on In this hands-on, we will see how we can detect operational issues in Lambda Function with Amazon DevOps Guru for Serverless. We will first log in and navigate to the AWS console. Then, we will change the region to the one that has Amazon DevOps Guru available. Navigating to the Amazon DevOps Guru dashboard, […]

Amazon DevOps Guru for Serverless

Reading Time: 9 minutes With digitalization and the cloud assuming responsibility for the development and deployment of new features in software applications, error handling is a critical activity that aids in faster deployment. Any error in the chain, from writing code to deploying to monitoring performance, can degrade customer experience, increase costs, or immediately disrupt critical services. Amazon has […]

How to easily analyze data and run different queries using Amazon Redshift Serverless without having to manage the infrastructure?

Reading Time: 9 minutes To know about what’s new in Amazon Redshift Serverless, refer to Part 1 of the blog here: What’s new in Amazon Redshift – Serverless? Hands-on In this hands-on, we will see how we can analyze data and run the different queries using Amazon Redshift Serverless without the need of managing the infrastructure using the Serverless […]

What’s new in Amazon Redshift – Serverless?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Amazon Redshift has added a slew of new features in recent months, including a game-changing one – SERVERLESS 🚀 AWS introduced the preview of Amazon Redshift Serverless last year at re:Invent 2021, a serverless option of Amazon Redshift that allows you to analyze data at any scale without having to manage data warehouse infrastructure. You […]

Create and run web app on ECS using AWS Fargate

Reading Time: 11 minutes AWS Fargate is an Amazon ECS solution that allows you to run containers without managing servers or clusters. You no longer need to provision, configure, or scale clusters of virtual machines to run containers with AWS Fargate. This eliminates the need to select server kinds, schedule cluster scaling, or optimize cluster packing. You don’t have […]

How to build a serverless event-driven workflow with AWS Glue and Amazon EventBridge(Part 2)?

Reading Time: 11 minutes In microservices, maintaining loose coupling within distributed systems remains a difficulty. In the long run, even loosely coupled architectures tend to become tightly coupled. It becomes increasingly more difficult for enterprises to ensure that each service is healthy as all APIs are built into sophisticated workflows. If you want to scale your serverless application while […]

AWS Glue DataBrew — A no-code visual data preparation tool for data scientists.

Reading Time: 7 minutes AWS Glue is a serverless managed service that prepares data for analysis through automated ETL processes. This is a simple and cost-effective method for categorizing and managing big data in the enterprise. It gives businesses a data integration tool that prepares data from multiple sources and organizes it in a central repository where it can […]

How to analyze, debug and trace AWS Lambda function using AWS X-Ray?

Reading Time: 9 minutes AWS X-Ray helps developers to analyze and debug production and distributed applications. It helps developers in understanding how applications and their underlying services are performing to identify and troubleshoot the root cause of performance issues and errors. In this blog, we will explore how we can make use of AWS X-Ray to monitor, trace and […]

How to build a Serverless Workflow with AWS Step Functions (Part 1)?

Reading Time: 7 minutes AWS Step Functions is a serverless orchestration solution that enables you to effortlessly coordinate several Lambda functions into customizable workflows that are simple to debug and modify. To see the full implementation of How to Build a Serverless Workflow with AWS Step Functions, refer to part 2 of the blog here. In this blog, we […]

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